Sunday, December 4, 2011

Framingham's Role in the Bay Circuit Trail Greenbelt

Did you know that the Bay Circuit Trail, a 180 mile long recreational trail that spans 57 Boston area communities from Ipswich to Duxbury, passes through Framingham for several miles?

The Framingham section passes through the Nobscot Mountain area within the Nobscot Boy Scout Reservation, then traverses Wittenborg Woods and Callahan State Park. The high point within Nobscot offers views east to the Blue Hills and Boston. If you've ever hiked up Nobscot Mountain, you may have seen a Bay Circuit Trail marker, with its distinctive logo, on trees near the summit, where the trail crosses several reservation trails.

A nice day hike of 4-5 miles that features the Framingham section, if you can place a car at each end, is to hike from Route 20 in Sudbury down to Parmenter Street in Southborough, near the Sudbury Reservoir. Visit the Bay Circuit Trail web site for maps and trail descriptions.

With a trail like this in our town, who needs to travel afar for outdoor recreation?