Monday, June 22, 2009

Edgell Library Win Shows the Power of the Ballot

By now many of us in Framingham have heard the great news that the Edgell Memorial library, one of the architectural jewels of Framingham Centre, has been awarded a $100,000 grant by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The money will go towards the renovation of the building's windows.

What's amazing and inspiring is that the award was obtained through online voting at the Trust's web site. Enough Framingham residents and other supporters voted to put the library in the winner's circle, against many other worthy, and in many cases more well-known, structures around the state.

But this was no happy accident or stroke of luck. The Framingham History Center, which uses the building as a cultural community center, really did a great job publicizing how to vote, relentlessly getting the message out in a variety of ways. Director Annie Murphy and the other staff and volunteers deserve a lot of credit for this effort. It's nice when a local story like this has a happy ending.