Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where Like, Everyone Knows Your Name

Ever since the TV show "Cheers" became a big television show hit in the 1980s, nearly every pub has aspired to be a place where everyone knows your name.

But how often is it really true? Despite the amount of money spent by national chain restaurants trying to appear homey and local, most of the generic places that line Route 9 will never really be true local joints.

If you really want to experience a local pub, where as their web site cheekily states, "Like, everyone knows your name" head up Edgell Road to Nobscot's Cafe`at number 847 in the heart of Nobscot village.

From the Nobscot and Framingham memorabilia on the walls to the long-familiar faces behind the bar, Nobscot's Cafe` is truly a local place. It's locally-owned, and for the most part patronized by local people, some of whom can even walk there from their homes.

Divided up between a restaurant dining room and a bar area, this beloved spot has many loyal patrons who show up weekly for both the food specials like burger night on Mondays, or weekend entertainment that includes live bands, DJs, and trivia contests.

They also pack 'em in on game nights when free appetizers are often part of the deal, and at special events like Halloween parties. And of course one of the highlights of the year is Saint Patrick's Day, when the pub is packed wall to wall and the local Irish band the Belfast Cowboys is usually playing in the evening. For me I know spring is around the corner when I'm hoisting a pint of Guinness at Nobscot's while the band plays all of those classic Irish songs.

So the next time you're up for a casual meal, a drink, or a night of low-key entertainment, keep your dollars local at Nobscot's Cafe`. Come often enough and they really will know your name.