Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Second Brewpub Is On The Way

A few weeks ago I was reading the legal notices in the MetroWest Daily News when I saw that Slesar Bros. Brewing was going before the Board of Selectmen with their plan to convert the former Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse on Route 30 into a brewpub. It caught my eye not only because I'm a craft beer fanatic, but because I knew it was the business name behind the very successful Bay State brewpub chain Beer Works, which I was familiar with from their inception, in my former life as a beer writer.

They had the vision to open their first brewpub back then in Boston across the street from Fenway Park, called Boston Beer Works, and they've been booming ever since. Naysayers said Sox fans were more likely to drink Bud and frequent old-school bars like the Cask & Flagon across the street. Try getting into Boston Beer Works now on a game day - the line is frequently out the door. They now have six locations, ranging from Hingham on the South Shore to Salem on the North Shore. And now they're coming to Framingham, as the MetroWest Daily News duly reported after the Board of Selectmen meeting.

The new Framingham Beer Works, to be opened by the end of the year, should give their competitor down the street, John Harvard's Brewhouse, a run for their money. Beer Works offers high quality beer and food, nice decor, and a lively atmosphere. I think it will be a great new addition to the Framingham drinking and dining scene.



Paul said...

Awesome!! Thanks for posting!

Rick Carlson said...

This is great news! Nice to have another option, even tho John Harvard's is really nice. With the addition of Jack's Abby last year, things are looking up for craft beer drinkers in Framingham.

The Hamster said...

Yeah, we're becoming quite the destination for good beer, with British Beer Company right across Route 9 as well - you could easily walk between John Harvard's, BBC, and Beer Works. Maybe next year we should organize a Framingham pub crawl!